Straight from the Roofs of Marcellus & Liverpool: Laugh, Live & Let Us Handle Your Roofs!

Ever looked at a roof and thought it’s smiling at you? No? Well, neither have we! But, we guarantee you’ll be smiling, living in Marcellus and Liverpool, NY, with our self-confessed roof whisperers tending to your beloved homes.

Blue Collar Roofers: Not your average shingles fixers

From residential roofing to siding replacement in North Syracuse & Manlius, we do it all. Not just that, we do it with an extra dash of good humor that you don’t often find in the roofing business. Our pitch-perfect services and side-splitting one-liners will make your roof replacement as joyful as a comedian’s gig in Cicero, NY!

Roof Installations in Auburn: Making every shingle count while you count your giggles

If you’re scouring the web for reliable roofing companies in Auburn, NY, here’s a ‘kneecapper’ for you: We roof. We repair. We make you laugh. It’s quite simple really. So, chuck away your worries, pull up a chair, and let us cater to all your roofing needs, one chuckle at a time.