Practical DIY Tips for Maintaining Your AC Unit

Staying cool in the solar-soaked city of Lakewood Ranch, FL or the breezy West Samoset, FL locale can be simply achieved by properly maintaining your air conditioning unit. AC units, if well-kept, can provide you with a great respite from the smothering Florida sun. Here, Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. brings you some handy DIY tips to keep your AC in tip-top shape.

Maintaining Your AC Filters

The lifespan and efficiency of your AC system largely depend on how effectively its filters are maintained. These filters primarily catch dust and impurities which, if not checked regularly, can block the normal airflow. Clogged, dirty filters restrict air flow, significantly impacting the system’s efficiency. Cleaning or replacing your AC filters, especially during peak summer, can enhance its lifespan and efficiency. However, if this feels like a daunting task, there are many professional AC services in Lakewood Ranch, FL or West Samoset, FL that you can resort to.

Caring for Your AC Coils

Over a period of time, even when the filters are maintained adequately, the AC’s evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt. This accumulated dirt reduces airflow and insulates the coil, decreasing its ability to absorb heat. To prevent this issue, keep a keen eye on the coils and clean them annually. You can do this yourself or enlist the help of professional AC service providers if needed.

Condensate Drains Maintenance

For the moisture absorbed from your home to be disposed of effectively, your AC unit’s condensate drains must be clear and functioning well. If the drain channels become clogged, the unit’s efficiency decreases, resulting in a buildup of excess moisture that could discolor your walls or carpet. You can use a stiff wire to periodically remove the clogs and keep the channel clear.

Window Seals Inspection

Before the heat of summer fully sets in, ensure you check the window seals around your room AC units. Any leaks or gaps could let cool air escape, causing your AC to work harder than necessary. If you notice this issue during your DIY maintenance check, it might be time to consider AC Installation in South Bradenton, FL.

Whether you’re in Lakewood Ranch, West Samoset, or South Bradenton, implementing these simple DIY tips can help extend your AC’s lifespan, lowering costs and ensuring a comfortable, cool summer for you. But remember, if any task seems too big to handle alone, the professionals at Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. are just a call away.